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The Rotary Club of Subotica represents a group of distinguished businessmen of Subotica who, proud of their environment and their city, strive to improve the city and help everyone who needs help. They are continuing the traditions of the pre-war Subotica Rotarians in the best possible way. The composition of RC Subotica, both before the war and today, is extremely representative because it includes the top of the city's business, political and cultural life.

The founders of the club in 1929 and its re-founders in 1997, as well as the people who passed through the club, represented and represent the elite of the city in their professions, especially in the business world. The special quality of RC Subotica, both before the war and today, was that it successfully harmonized the diversity of the environment - national, religious, social. Friendship and tolerance in the club and outside it, willingness to serve above interests, to cultivate friendship, to help, represent an ideal and desirable way of life in a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment. The tradition of RC Subotica - both before the war and today - is to spread the idea of Rotary to nearby towns. The pre-war club sponsored clubs in Bačka Topola, Stara Kanjiža, Senta, and today's Rotarians are sponsors of clubs in Senta, Kula, Bačka Topola and Pančevo. Both the pre-war and present-day clubs have varied and meaningful work and are leaders in terms of activities in the district. Service above interest ennobles and inspires these people. The spirit of Rotary can be felt in the city, which stands like a tower in the north of the country.

History of the club
History of the club
The Rotary Club of Subotica is the fifth club that was founded in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The idea of founding the Rotary Club in Subotica came from engineer Kosta Petrović, head of the Construction Department of the City of Subotica, who on June 4, 1929, contacted the European Secretariat of Rotary International (RI) in Zurich for this purpose. The idea was realized with the help of RC Belgrade by the end of 1929. The session of the Preparatory Committee for the foundation of the Rotary Club in Subotica was held on Sunday, November 10, 1929, in the Hotel "Belgrade", with the presence of delegates from the Rotary Clubs Belgrade and Novi Sad. The Rotary Club of Subotica was constituted and the Board of Directors was elected: president, engineer Milan Manojlović, vice-president Dr. Milivoj Kenđelac, secretary Dr. Miloš Pavlović, treasurer Dr. Mirko Šulman, master of ceremonies Mirko Jakobčić and councilors Joca Mešterović and Dr. Rada Miladinović. The founders of the Rotary Club in Subotica, i.e. those who attended its subsequent inauguration on May 24, 1930, represented the most diverse professions and social groups - from industrialists, merchants and municipal officials to lawyers, pharmacists, journalists and artistic carpenters. They were the best representatives of their professions - the economic and cultural elite of Subotica at that time.


Đorđe Brkić, director of the District Office for Workers' Insurance in Subotica
Boschi Ivo, doctor of legal sciences, lawyer at the District Court in Subotica, later lawyer
Conen Matija Vilim, co-owner of Hartman & Conen, Subotica, exporter of poultry and eggs
Joco Ivković, pharmacist
Imre Jakobčić, owner of Lifka d. d. for the distribution of photographic material
Kenđelac Milivoj, doctor of law, lawyer
Conrad Cornell, engineer
Ilija Lepedat, director of the City Savings Bank in Subotica
Littmann Žiga, president of Zorka d. d, chemical engineer
Manojlović Dušan, director of Ferrum d. d. (wagon making)
Milan Manojlović, engineer, director of the Electric Power Plant in Subotica
Martinis Josip, doctor of the City Hospital in Subotica
Miladinović Radivoj, doctor of law, notary public
Miladinović Borivoj, doctor
Selimir Ostojić, member of the City Council in Subotica
Pavlović Miloš, doctor of law, secretary of Lloyd - Association of Industrialists
Paul Đorđe, owner of a jewelry store
Petrović Kosta, head of the construction department of the city of Subotica
Putnik Josip, professor, director of the Trade Academy
Nićin Milivoj, owner of the colonial store I. Farkaš
Roth Desider, owner of a hat factory
Sekelj Matija, owner of a textile (silk) goods store
Tomo Skenderović, owner of the farm
Šokčić Josip, journalist Naplo
Imre Schulmann, doctor of economics, owner of Anton Kramer & Co.
Vidaković Koloman, owner of the construction company Vidaković et al

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